Siporex blocks in relation to traditional blocks have many advantages:

- Light weight - 2 times lighter than the traditional construction, this is due to the structure of the sipurex blocks, where only 20% of the volume is full mass, the remaining 80% is pores due to which the siporex blocks also have high thermal insulation,

- Heat insulation - It is known that the resting air, i.e. the air enclosed in small cells is the largest insulator, and the composition of siporex blocks is a gas concrete of which 20% is a full mass remaining 80% are pores that make the sipurex blocks 9 times better insulators comparing to concrete blocks, 3.5 times better insulators than ceramic bricks and 3 times better insulators than bricks.

- sound insulation - this asset makes the Siporex blocks ideal for partition walls, for example a partitioned wall of 15 cm thick gives a sound insulation of Rw = 41 dB that meets the most stringent criteria for partition walls.

- Pre-emission - about 5 times that of the ordinary mortar due to which the wall breathes and absorbs excess moisture in the room and the opposite.

- Hardness - classes of resistance B2.5 and B5 that allow it to be used as a load-bearing construction material for walls.

- Light processing - Siporex blocks can be cut, hammered, glued and drilled. On the spot, the blocks can be adjusted to the most basic tool required by the situation. In the blocks themselves, channels can be hardened, embroidered and opened.

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