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Steel is the framework around which most modern buildings are created. Steel is the essential component of modern construction designs and large infrastructures. The range of steel solutions for reinforced concrete offered by us is one of the widest currently available on the market to meet any kind of building requirements. Our range includes standard products and custom solutions tailored according to customers’ needs.

Iron steel

Wire rod

Wire rod, which meets high quality standards, is intended for drawing low carbon content wires, products for reinforced concrete, wire rods for welding wires, wire rods for metal frameworks and medium and high carbon content wire rods for ropes, plaited bands and strands for prestressed reinforced concrete, wires for tyres and mechanical springs.


Standard: The true valid standard is the MKC, according to EN 197-1, the cement of this type and with the force of this class corresponds to CEM II / B-M 42.5N. *) 45S – A- class cement with average, (in 3 days) early compression strength indicated by C Composition: Portland cement with the addition of natural or artificial gilding. Hydraulic bonding material obtained from clinker for cement “Portland”, gypsum and up to 30% of additives.