Aktiva Petrol

Актива Петрол
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Aktiva Petrol is a company founded in 2007, based in Skopje, Macedonia. The main business of the company is trade in oil, petroleum products and transport fuels, and has already proven its brand in its field, primarily because of the high quality of fuel and excellent service to customers.

Aktiva Petrol is one of the most modern gas stations in the country, and it is located on the most frequent highway connecting Skopje with Pristina. Through the ring road we easily connect with all the largest cities in Macedonia, and it is also positioned in one of the largest industrial zones, with over 400 companies that are our everyday customers.

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For us, the most important is your safety and driving comfort, therefore, with our own technically equipped tankers which are fully in accordance with the current regulations, we carry the best quality fuels offered by world famous brands from Greece (Shell, JetOil, Helenic petroleum)